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In fact, if we switch the browser and we'll refresh, still the same. Well, the reason it's still the same is because nothing really is been uploaded to GitHub yet. • Passable browser security for almost no money or effort. • Confidence: 95% that this is worth the time and better than nothing. • Topic importance: 5 / 10 • Reading time: 10 mins. Discover the Menlo Security cloud-based Isolation Platform—eliminating web & email security risks by providing the first truly 100% safe browsing experience. I would like to get rid of the stock browser (org.lineageos.jelly) on my phone that runs LineageOS.

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browser.ignoreSynchronization = true`; `browser.ignoreSynchronization   Hi in this video i explained how to do settings for BROWSER STACK with Protractor in conf.js. .then(() => { browser.ignoreSynchronization = false; }); That should wait for the ng-scope class to be added to the body tag before continuing, but it reaches the timeout after 60 Extensions for Google Chrome is one of the primary reasons why several users, including me, prefer it as the default browser. Extensions range from productivity boosters to fun Go to Chrome browser and login there again. Close the browser window.

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The Schema Browser screen lets you review schema data in a browser window. If you have accessed this window from the Analysis screen, it will be opened to a specific field Train your Brain on the Go with the Microsoft Solitaire App! Get it for your phone on iOS and Android.

javascript — ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre los métodos browser .

This fixes the inconsistency by creating an empty task when ignoreSynchronization is true. Practically, this fixes the polling spec failing after the update to selenium-webdriver@2.47.0. 2.3.0 What is difference between waitForAngularEnabled and browser.ignoreSynchronization in protractor? Answer 08/28/2019 Developer FAQ 6. Question: What is browser.ignoreSynchronization?

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2021 Lo único que hay que tener en cuenta es que está obsoleto y eventualmente ya no estará  browser.ignoreSynchronization es obsoleto. El uso en config transportador en su lugar: onPrepare() { browser.waitForAngularEnabled(false) }.

javascript — ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre los métodos browser .

This command has been deprecated on Jan 25, 2018 when protractor v5.3.0 was released. Instead browser.waitForAngularEnabled() should be used element(by.css('button[type="submit"]')).click(); browser.ignoreSynchronization = true; expect(element(by.css('.message')).getText().toBe('Stage 1'); browser.wait(function { // This function is added to the control flow after the final // browser.ignoreSynchronization = false in the test // so we need to set it again here browser.ignoreSynchronization = true; return element(by.cssContainingText('.message', 'Stage 2')).isPresent().then(function(isPresent) { // Cleanup so later tests have the browser.ignoreSynchronization = true. If i have browser.ignoreSynchronization = false (as it is by default) it gets stuck in the first thing that should be synchronous, expect browser.get ('') works! I have a login script in my onPrepare on my config, works fine: enviroinment.js: @mgiambalvo: I believe this issue may affect browser.ignoreSynchronization in more cases than just when browser.restart is called. I am still seeing Protractor.waitForAngular() getting called after I have set browser.ignoreSynchronization to true.

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I have seen it so many times where people suggest to use: browser.ignoreSynchronization=true; // or false But I do not understand why do we need it? What is browser.ignoreSynchronization in protractor? What is browser.ignoreSynchronization in protractor?